Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cow ruminations

I entered a few pieces of art in the Saint John Exhibition last week, hoping I'd win something to at least cover my gas in and out. Jimmy was away seeing his folks in PA at the time, so what the heck, I entered some of his stuff too. As it turned out he got first in drawing and I got third. A first in watercolor and a third in photography, and best surprise of all we got Best in Show for a mixed media project we did jointly, "Claire and Three Udder Cows"(named after a cow I once had) It started out as a watercolor that went wrong, too much fiddling and overworking, and I was about to discard it when J picked it up and started adding little ink dots . He inked that thing for days on end till it finally seemed finished and I framed it , 24"x32".

With the winnings I am enjoying my new long coveted food processor/chopper/slicer/dicer. It has chopped up a big basket of cukes and onions in no time, which will sit overnight and become the yummiest mustard pickles tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Stormy's biggest little fan

Here is Avery from Ontario who will talk about Stormy , his favorite minihorse, all through the next year till he comes to visit again next summer. The first picture on this blog is Avery at 2 and here he is , the little charmer at age 3. I really hope to paint these two when the work slows down this fall.