Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chickadee-dee-dee, 4"x6" acrylic

Four days of rain ahead so I should be able to get on with some painting without outdoor distractions. I'd really like to get back to watercolors, but I have these blobs of acrylic on my sta-wet palette that I dont want to waste so I hope to do a few more favorite birds, and learn some more about the acrylic process.
From this reference photo I painted this little chickadee imagining him in the light from the front window, as they flutter about our bird feeder near the end of the day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Painting again

Feeling better today! The antibiotics started to take effect on Friday and I've been working on this acrylic off and on since then. It's a real mood lifter to be able to do something constructive after laying about for so long.
Gisela and Peter, our B&B guests from Germany, if you are checking in with this blog you'll recognise the photo you took that I used as a reference for this painting.
Today its pouring down rain, the tail end of some southern storm, but I'm not bothered a bit. I'm thankful for a pile of books by a nice warm fire, for feeling more chipper, and for modern medecine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've been a negligent blogger of late, with really nothing to say since being laid up after another surgery, Oct 28th. Feeling worse and worse, today I came back from my Fredericton Dr with 2 different antibiotics to treat infection. He says I should be feeling better by friday, so I am hopeful. My husband and I went to the Saint John emergency 3 days ago, me to see what all this increasing pain was about and him for an infected foot wound . We were shocked to be treated with unwashed hands by numerous nurses and doctors, with the place crawling with H1N1 sufferers. I feel a rant coming on, maybe a letter to the editor. Thousands of Canadians and Americans die needlessly every year from hospital aquired infections including staph, e coli, mrsa etc, due to the sloppy hygiene of their professional care givers....

On a lighter note, on the way home today, my drug befuddled brain was contemplating the strangeness of the English language and its perplexing inconsistancies. We put on a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, a pair of glasses, a pair of gloves, why not a pair of bras?