Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready for happy hens

Spring is galloping along here with crocus and coltsfoot appearing as patches of cheer, tulips getting ready to bloom, and the grass slowly turning green, much to the horses delight.

The portable chicken house is finished at last. It's made with no bottom in it, a 5'x8' footprint, so the happy chickens (which I dont have yet) can scratch about and eat grass and worms, bugs and clover. Two people can move it to a fresh patch without too much back work.

This end opens up for feed and water.

The other end opens up for egg gathering in the 3 nest box areas.

This door has a translucent window so the hens wont be traumatised if the foxes are trying to peek in at them. It lifts up so I can get at the trap door that can be bolted shut once they have gone up to the roost in the evening.

It's been a fun project using mostly recycled bits and pieces . In fact the only thing I bought new was the chicken wire. Saint John has a Re-Store, a wonderful warehouse where donated leftover building supplies are sold really cheap, as a fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity. They were a real treasure trove of lumber and hardware for my Habitat for Hens.


flydragon said...

This is just so clever. Love the fact that you can move it around like that. I'm looking forward to seeing the chickens and I'm sure you're looking forward to fresh eggs!!

JulenaJo said...

Where did you come up with such a clever plan? I love it!

kathi dunphy said...

Must be my menopausal insomniac nighttime musings, I keep a notepad and pencil by the bed to try and shut my brain down...
Still looking for the right tenants, I'm going to try the livestock auction this week.

Heather said...

I love your chicken tractor! I thought about one too but opted for a permanent structure so I could have more birds. I still may have to build one like it! You did a good job and I know your hens will be happy there!