Monday, June 8, 2009

Newest addition : Chicken Little

I couldnt resist this goofy looking little hen at the Petitcodiac "Wings and Whiskers" sale. She is a mutt, part silkie and probably part banty.

I traded 3 jars of jam for her and what a sweetie she has turned out to be. I named her Chicken Little because she is the littlest of the flock and she has a startled 'The sky is falling" look about her.

My former favorite, Buffy, a Buff Brahman who was the lowest on the pecking order because she was gentle and small, now has someone smaller than herself to pick on, and oh boy is she showing a mean streak!
I have moved the big hens to the barn for a while so poor little Little has only one at a time to get used to. This could take a while because it was a week before they stopped bullying Buffy. Little must think I am Mommy because she runs to me and tries to hide herself in my clothes, what a funny little bird she is.

The original black hens, a few posts back , enjoyed their retirement for over three weeks without a single egg forthcoming, and sadly have gone the way of all non laying layers.....

Enough said about that..

Their replacements are Serena, a large White Rock who is moulting and can be excused for not laying right now.

And Sonia who is an Ancona, a breed originating in the mediteranian.

Sonia is high strung and flighty with tail feathers like a roadrunner. I dont know what her excuse is for not laying yet. The Rhode Island Red, Rudy, and Buffy lay their predictable egg a day so hopefully the others will take note. The chicken house is full, Ive gotta quit before I turn into one of those warped collector people and the neighbors start talking about me.


flydragon said...

Ha, I can see why you couldn't resist that silly litte hen. She's so darn cute!!!

JulenaJo said...

Aren't they cute? I could never turn nonlayers into lunch. It would turn me into a vegetarian in short order!