Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where did summer go? ..a late summer summary

     The best growing summer ever...albeit a bit dry, but lots of heat for the tomatoes and peppers. I sold loads of salad mix to the local restaurants, greens can be a challenge in hot weather so this was a summer to experiment with different varieties. The green and red varieties of oak leaf lettuce became the basis of my salad mix, augmented with spinach, bulls blood beet leaves, arugula and various mesclan mixes. Seeding every 2 weeks gave me a constant supply of fresh baby greens.
     I started a new garden for next year, had a tractor mounted tiller come in and chew up a piece of the pasture, which was then limed, manured, and seeded to buckwheat as a green manure.
     The blossoms  were so lovely and the bees flocked to them, but the buckwheat had to be tilled under to fertilise the soil before it went to seed.
      Trusty old Big Red, vintage 1978, chomped his way through the tangle of buckwheat, and once mixed with soil the plants began to break down quickly.

 Darrel came back for his horse and chicken fix.

It's such fun to watch him having such a great time with the animals, and they really seem to be drawn to him.

Avery came and said his goodbyes to the horses, and then was on his way back to Ontario. I miss his frequent visits.

The weather forecasters had us thinking hurricane Earl would blow us all to kingdom come, so we tied down everything important.
In the end it veered off to Nova Scotia but we did get a welcome rain out of it.

We had record breaking high temperatures in late august and the hottest day ever was Sept 1. I'm so thankful to live on the coast as no matter how hot it gets here, its always hotter inland. Counting my blessings these busy end of summer days as I'm up to my elbows in ripe tomatoes, canning, making pickles, preserves, and freezing summer's bounty.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Kathi of the green thumbs, Beautiful succulent growth!!! A summer to remember for sure!!!....Wish it would last a few more months just for the sheer glory of it.....

kathi dunphy said...

I'm always sad to see summer over, really I am in deep denial til first frost, I planted more lettuce and arugula yesterday...

Gwen Buchanan said...

Atta Girl !!

Shelley said...

We were speaking with Jim of Daryl just today! I am a little late in the update I see. Love your posts Kathi. Grow on Girl.