Saturday, June 11, 2011

St Martins has a Farmers Market !

We thought at times it would never come together, but after many months of steps forward and back, the pieces have fallen together. Location issues, liability issues, so many complications, but that is now all behind us and what a great first week we had ! I sold out of granola, kale chips and radishes and sold the last bag of mixed salad greens to the ice cream lady on the way home. We have 14 indoor vendors and several including me, outdoors. A nice variety of products from baking to meat pies, German shnitzel and sausages, thai food, chocolate truffles to die for, organic veggies, jewelry and crafts, and artisan soaps.
We were blessed with a sunny warm day and a clear view of the sparkling Bay of Fundy in the distance.

Tomorrows market has taken 2 days of preparation, so much picking and washing of spinach and salad greens. I cant imagine how I did this in the 70's in Fredericton without a salad spinner.

Here is my new right hand man, Zachary putting the finishing touches on a deluxe compost pile, saving my creaky old back. He raked up a wagonload of grass clippings, emptied the chicken bedding/manure bin, and rebuilt the pile making alternate layers of grass and chicken doo. I think with the green/brown mix it should heat up and cook along nicely to make some A1 compost for fall.


organic-momma said...

Well congrats and well worth the wait I'm sure! I'm journeying to check out the local farmers markets today's should not have been called that and i wont be back but every week i hope to make new discovery's!

kathi dunphy said...

It sounds like you have a lot to choose from, good luck finding the best ones!

workinpants said...

YOU are at least THREE ,MAYBE FOUR people!!! wow!!! i so admire all of your work,and your wonderful talent!! i feel like one of your SLUGS when i read your blog!!! we are FINALLY starting to get some tourists actually buying a few things so i will be calling you soon for some prints!!! your market looks wonderful and so does your granola!!!xo marianne