Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The drains are in!

Today the Grand Canyon from the house footing was filled in. This was the trench we had Johnny Mo dig to let the floodwaters from hurricane Hanna out of the basement last month.

The guys put in some BIG drains, way bigger than the previous ones that had backed up and failed us miserably.
Amazing how precise that unwieldly looking bucket/digger can be, dropping a bit of gravel here, a bit there...

And then he smoothed all the topsoil out, going side to side like a spatula in cake frosting.
Meanwhile Jim & I gathered up some flat stones from another unfinished project and hastily rocked up around the far end of the pipe.

Two scoops of the big claw, and voila, instant pond!

Hmmm... the water is not holding, I think the next project is installing a pond liner.

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