Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from paradise

We've been away for a week of nature therapy, something to preserve our sanity during a stormy and very cold winter. By mid Febuary I am so starved for greenery and flowers I think I could walk south. It was our anniversary trip to Puerto Rico, staying in a quiet spot in the foothills of the rain forest mountains, but just a quick drive to the warm listerine-blue Carribean.

I loved just stepping out of the cottage door into lush vegetation with the freshest sweetest grapefruit, oranges, bananas, papayas, and gorgeous flowers everywhere.

In the evenings, sitting on the balcony we were serenaded by a chorus of tiny singing coquis frogs, chirping birds, a host of chirruping insects, but no biting ones, no mosquitos, hens muttering, goats calling, a rooster the day is so full of life it doesnt want to shut down.

The rain forest mountains rose to magnificent heights just behind us, I can close my eyes and still see the rich rich greens of the tropical vegetation and soaring trees, some a thousand years old. Hibiscus grew wild through the forests as well as a much larger version of the impatiens we are familiar with.

The damp earthy scent of the forest and its hidden secrets to discover and explore drew us back day after day. We sought out the little known trails and found wild places like a natural garden of Eden, a new adventure every day.

You can feel like you're the only people on a peaceful earth in such a place.

for the rest of the week's photos :


flydragon said...

Thanks for brightening up my morning with your great photos of Puerto Rico. Also for giving me a chuckle with the pic of your feet:)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Your photos are amazing Kathi!! such a beautiful piece of earth...

I especially love the fruit laden tree..
Glad you two had a wonderful time!!

Have you figured how you could permanently live there??

kathi dunphy said...

Thanks for stopping by Fly and Gwen. When we're all deleriously happy from the shock of being suddenly in hot summer and all the sensory overload that comes with it, its easy to think PR would be a perfect forever home....but we picked the best month of the year to visit, Feb has no mosquitos, no rainy season, no hurricanes, no dengue fever. Not so with parts of the rest of the dear St Martins will always be home...but it sure is an incredible high to escape the cold and snow for a week!

Sue Steiner said...

Oh how beautiful!!! The colors are lucious! I am glad you ahd such a wonderful get away!

JulenaJo said...

Stunning photos, Kathi! Thanks for sharing. I have been waiting to see them ever since you left. Glad to know you are home safely.

rauf said...

Most refreshing Kathi, i am revitalised. I escape from the chaotic city and run towards the wilderness in an attempt to remain sane. You have given me a breath of fresh air Kathi.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

JackStraw said...

What a paradise! You must have had a blast. Now I wanna go.