Monday, February 23, 2009

Please ! No more snow!

Here is our 11th snowstorm of the season as seen this morning through the dining room window. Are we sick of snow yet? The clothesline that I reach up to is 8 inches from the surface of the snow! We are counting our blessings that we didnt have to be anywhere today. The snow is heavy and wet and it drifted deeply onto our various roofs, but not the almost flat one, (go figure!)

So now after shoveling off the roofs we can see even less out the windows.
No worry about sliding off the roof with so much cushiony white down below.

Every backhoe in the province must be working today, theres way too much for the usual half ton-with-a-plow.

I am SO looking forward to the rain and thawing temperatures forcast for Friday, meanwhile I hope the horses stay near the barn because the fences have disappeared.


JulenaJo said...

Holy cow! And to think I whine around about the inch or so that we get every now and again. I bet it's doubly hard to come home to this after being in a tropical paradise! I'm growing increasingly doubtful about global warming. I think it's more likely "global shifting." Don't fall! We won't find you back till spring!

flydragon said...

WOW Kathi, you got hammered. I will not be crabbing about my snow again!! Well, unless it begins to look like yours:)

Gwen Buchanan said...

I think this is definitely the most snow we have ever had since we moved here.. Great shot on the roof!!!

hey now the elves can hang the clothes on the line for you!!

kathi dunphy said...

Yay !!! Today its raining and melting...just in time for the snowstorm coming day after tomorrow!