Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yes, we have water...

To all our friends, neighbors, B&B and cottage guests, and assorted well-wishers : our 6 week water crisis mystery is solved . Two cottages and the main house on one well. 1,000 feet of underground pipe from the 260 ft deep well at the far cottage to the main house. After trouble free years, suddenly not enough water..."Yer well musta caved in " says the plumber. Ditto say the well drillers. They drill down to 600ft. "Now you gotta get twice the horsepower pump , bigger piping and heavier electrical to get the water up." So we do that and we keep running out of water. "Well she's gotta be leakin unnerground somewhere." The backhoe is called in and digs up 3 locations where joints were made. Plus he digs a 7 foot hole in the garden to find the old well that used to feed the main house. Eventually the plumber comes back and finds the joints are fine. The well guys come back and air pressure test the underground pipes in all directions. They determine we are losing water at the main house. We shut off the incoming valve and sure enuf the well fills up overnite. A week later the plumber is back and discovers that if he shuts off the valve in the basement that leads to the barn the pressure guage holds steady.

SO... the barn is shut off till the next excavation, everyone has water enough, the well guys are $14,000 richer, the backhoe guy nearly a thousand, and several hundred for the plumber , and the whole problem could have been fixed for under a thousand by fixing the leak in the barn line in the first place!!! And my hair would probably be a darker shade of gray without the most stressful summer I can remember.

Thank God the weather has dried up here! We had a record breaking 195 mm of rain thru july and the coolest july on record also. The garden has struggled with lack of sunshine and warmth but its responding wonderfully to the change.


JulenaJo said...

Kathi, I have just spent a few minutes getting caught up on your blog. What a horrible mess with your plumbing! Your attitude seems much healthier than mine would have been. My comments would have been not fit to print. Again, I marvel at your energy. Hammock weaving, painting, fantastic garden. What an inspiration. I love your mural and your flock of chickens. Not sure I could turn even a non-layer into that delicious-looking dish. Ha! I guess no chickens for me!

kathi dunphy said...

Hi Jo , thanks for stopping by . Trying not to think about the plumbing mess, too much runaway growth happening in the garden to occupy me lately. The july rains are finally over and the heat is upon us! Suffocatingly hot today, I pity the folks inland who will have it still hotter.