Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chickadee-dee-dee, 4"x6" acrylic

Four days of rain ahead so I should be able to get on with some painting without outdoor distractions. I'd really like to get back to watercolors, but I have these blobs of acrylic on my sta-wet palette that I dont want to waste so I hope to do a few more favorite birds, and learn some more about the acrylic process.
From this reference photo I painted this little chickadee imagining him in the light from the front window, as they flutter about our bird feeder near the end of the day.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Kathi,
One of my favourite little visitors... I am so glad you are having time to focus on things that make you happy without many distractions... except Jim of course!! haha..

... sweet painting!!

Undaunted said...

Yeah, I'm waiting for the snow. Our country comes to a stand still then, which from my point of view is a good thing. I love being stuck at home for a few days!

Beautiful little painting!

Rose said...

Such a beautiful painting! I haven't seen any chickadees here yet, but I expect them soon; perhaps it hasn't been cold enough yet for them. Thanks for your comment on my last post; my non-gardening husband doesn't "get it" either:)

kathi dunphy said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies! I've got chickadees and bluejays galore at the feeder. Surely the juncos and little nuthatches will be along soon. Such a strange season, warm and snowless.