Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is spring here?

Ahhh, warmer temperatures and very little snow means I want to do everything outdoors all at once. Here is a project that killed two birds with one stone... I never liked that expression but cant think of another one that fits. The alder bushes we cut a year or so ago are back in full force and I needed another compost container handier to the back door of the chicken house for the floor cleanings. Voila! Now those pesky alders are doing something useful being a compost bin. Some nipping, some hammering and some weaving, out in the fresh air, and it didn't cost a cent.

Indoors, the cloth diapers for Haitian babies has taken over the dining room table, floor, chairs...looks like a sweatshop in there the last while. Yesterday some ladies at the Vineyard church pitched in and in a couple of hours we had over 60 made. There was a great donation today of plastic pants, and here is everything packed and ready to go. I have 115 diapers jammed in a suitcase with nooks and crannies filled with onesies and sleepers. As far as I know they are travelling to Haiti with a journalist from the Montreal Gazette who will return to that country in a couple of weeks.
     We are soooo lucky to live in a peaceful and relatively prosperous place.


Noah said...

Hey Kathi - found you on Novella's blog. I'm in Toronto, and next winter will DEFINITELY try to grow greens all winter. It would be deeply awesome.
As for the two birds saying - we try to redirect those things too - the one we came up with for that one was "free two birds from one cage."
Hope spring sprung there - did you get the crazy snow everyone else did all over the NE?

kathi dunphy said...

Hey Noah, thanks for stopping by! We are right on the Bay of Fundy coast and every one of those snowstorms missed us. If we got anything it was rain, or snow that turned into rain. Our ground is completely bare even in the woods. Do look up Eliot Colemans latest book, The Winter Harvest Handbook, for all winter greens. It's wonderful!