Monday, March 8, 2010

Signs of SPRING!

Sign # 1 : The urge to tackle really awful renovation projects. Here I am just a blur of scraping, scraping, trying to get that 10 year old wallpaper off. Someone please render me unconcious if I ever think glue + wallpaper border again.
The sign of a very true who will help you strip wallpaper , without being paid. I put this on to cover the previous owners horrendous green paint. Now I can't stand the busyness...there's such a LOT of it ...sigh.
Sign #2: Too much solar heat in the greenhouse. Time to open those summer vents at the top of the wall.
sign #3 : Other half doing yardwork. A lot of kindling blows down each winter off the big linden trees.
sign #4 : Happy hens who want to be outdoors pecking and scratching all day long now that the ground is all bare. Fancy, (the rooster at the back) one of last summer's chicks, has grown up to be such a handsome fellow.
sign # 5 Seedlings popping up, mmmmmm the earth smells so good!

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