Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We have dirt !!

The snow has been melting for 4 glorious days, finally , after countless snowstorms, roof shovelings and driveway plowings. A winter we'd all like to forget. Four days ago there was no sign of this post for the electric fence.
I got quite excited when its tip appeared out of the snow and must have checked it's progress through the window a dozen times a day. One of those "light at the end of the tunnel" moments. So the whole mess has dropped about 9 inches, with anywhere from 2 feet to 4 feet to go.
This was March 8th of 2010, much more civilized, with nary a speck of snow in sight. The sun has done it's best around the coop and today the girls were estatic to find real dirt to scratch in, indulging in some serious group dust bathing.
I'm watching them quite closely because some predator has been coming around at night and has shredded the fly screen on the coop window, trying to get in at the chicken dinners.

Thing One is looking out at me taking the photo of the clawed up screen.
A lovely day to putter in the greenhouse, listening to the blessed sound of snow water dripping.


Rose said...

Kathi, I do hope the snow is finally starting to melt for you! And I do hope you find a way to deter that pesky predator; I'm sure the girls will sleep better knowing they're safe.

It's still cold here, but I discovered the most hopeful sign today--daffodils and tulips are starting to pop through the soil! They may freeze their little tootsies off for awhile, but at least they make me think spring may not be so far away after all.

kathi dunphy said...

I just have to muster some patience, and be thankful there is a garden under that snow somewhere...we could be in Japan under mud and debris.