Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun with chickens in Fredericton

My friend Lorraine and I and 5 travelling hens recently did "Meet a Chicken Day", a couple hours drive inland to Fredericton. There some valiant souls have been trying to get their city council to at least think about allowing regulated backyard pet hens in the city. It would have been nice if the opposition had shown up because they couldnt help but fall in love with our girls, like everyone else did. About 30 people came and listened to Lorraine and I profess our love for our feathered friends, talk about care and expectations, breeds and such, and then folks asked loads of questions. The hens visited whomever they chose, and sometimes settled in laps for a nap. A reporter did a positive article for the paper next day which was followed by a pro urban chicken, pro sustainability editorial. The council
has put a roadblock in the way in the form of a $250. fee just to look at making an exception for one person to try it for a year. Other sustainably minded cities (Over 500 across North Americain the last couple of years) Have charged $5. to $25. for a license, changed their bylaws and implemented rules such as no roosters and 3 or 4 hens max. Moncton has done a pilot urban chicken project that has been successful and their experience has gone ahead it seems with more open minds.


We had a crazy busy day, fitting in a visit to the wonderful Boyce Farmers Market where I found some favorite cheeses and schnitzel, then on to the Acorn conference (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network) where we  got to talk to all sorts of growers doing all sorts of creative organic pursuits . I was given a cool Eat Locally Grown t-shirt by the Johnny's Selected Seeds guy. Finally on the way home, we made a visit to see my month old new baby granddaughter...
Isn't she beautiful?


Amanda said...

Thanks so much Kathi. We had a lot of fun and it was informative too! The boy in red is mine.

We just got our first two chickens (silkies) and we plan starting a little flock of layers in the next few weeks. We will probably end up with Barred Rock and Black Australorps. I'm writing about it on the blog I just started here

kathi dunphy said...

Oh, I just answered your other comment and then I found this one..what a lovely polite son you have. I am so glad you have chickens for him, he was very gentle and caring with our feathered girls. Thanks for visiting my blog, now I'm enjoying yours.