Friday, April 29, 2011

Can we get any busier?

Chain saw Brian from the village came and cut up our pile of salvaged cedar telephone poles and the wwoofers went to work hefting them into place and then drilling and nailing with 6" spikes through the corner boards.
By the end of the day most of the logs were in place.

Next day we sadly said goodbye to Matt and Alina who were on there way to the next host farm in NS.

Laura and I got on with some early potato planting, 4 rows of Yukon Gold and Superior. Rain drove us inside where Laura set out the green and yellow bush bean transplants that were started as an experiment in soil blocks just over a week ago.
There were enough rainy days to keep us transplanting hundreds of seedlings. Here are some heavenly smelling basil plants moving to larger quarters.
And then an email from Alina and Matt who are not having a good time in Antigonish and want to come back to us! Hooray!! So Jimmy picked them up at the bus station yesterday and we will have them til about the 7th of may.
Todays engineering problem was to get a gravity fed water supply to the greenhouse from the steep hillside behind. We gathered up scrap pvc pipe and garden hose and joined them together with plastic parts and screw clamps.
We ran the pipe about 150 feet up the ravine where the water tumbles down for about a week after each rain, and anchored the top end under a rock  in a small pool.
RUNNING WATER!! There's a shut off at this end. I fill 2 big totes and then we have warm water for the watering can to do the tomatoes, beans and other plants that don't like cold water from the hose that draws from the well. 
The crew.
Maintenance never ends with an old house and barn. Jimmy had to replace the cellar cover which was rotten and collapsing from the winter snow load. How pleasant to finally have some warm days to putter outside.
The garden is slowly taking shape with hardy transplants going into the soil. The girls are setting out kale seedlings with cardboard collars around them to deter cutworms.


Amanda said...

fantastic! Where did you get those telephone poles?

Riley and Tyler said...

I laughed out loud when I read that they left and then came back again. I don't blame them. I wouldn't leave either.
I found the Community Garden. I'll be emailing about advice as soon as the snow goes away! For good!

kathi dunphy said...

Hi Amanda, The power company was putting in new poles along our road earlier in the spring. We just saved them the trouble of hauling the old ones away.

Hey Ty and Riley! You get sunrise at 3am? I would think coolweather greens, broccoli, carrots, radish, cabbage would do really well in your long days of summer up there.