Friday, April 1, 2011

Steps forward, steps back...

I really really very much dislike raccoons! This was only part of the mess they left at our rental cottage, the rest was all over the yard. They have been served notice. Further criminal acts will result in deportation.
Spring is very very slowly unfolding with its many chores like
making slip covers for the ratty deck chairs. Painting new signs, and re painting old ones to delete the B&B info. We've had some nice sunny days, altho way colder than I'd like. Warm enough to get out my little red sports car....
The conversation went like this: She, (lusting after the garden stuff in the Veseys Seed Catalog) "Ooooh, look , a non tippy big wheeled , 2 wheel barrow. I couln't tip this, and it would be easier on my back, and I could mix cement in it and yada yada ya..."

He, (sensing an opportunity in the inevitable) "If I got you that now for mother's day would I be off the hook then?"
I love my new wheelbarrow, bless his heart. What a treat after the last two battered single wheelers rescued from the side of the road. I call it Little Red as the 1978 troy tiller is Big Red.
More projects are started, to finish after the ground thaws out. Here's a big flower bed going in the front lawn. I need more space for edible flowers like nasturtiums and johnny jump ups to put into my restaurant salad mixes. They add a lovely splash of color against the greens.
And here's all the fencing to go around the garden where the high tunnel greenhouse will be built. I wish that last aggravating patch of snow would go!

And here's Mother Nature's April Fool's joke today, heavy snowfall warning! (sigh...)


Shelley said...

Kathi - so cruel that April Fools' joke was. Raccoons - please don't send them our way.

Looking forward to summer and more time down your way. Only 3 more weeks - wahooo. But we were down again a few weeks ago - we too have chores to do.

kathi dunphy said...

Spring always has so many chores doesn't it? But its all good outdoor exercise in the fresh air. I love to see the end of winter.

Sea People said...

Hi Sweet peas...We so would Love to visit you just never know...cross your would make my World to spend time with you two and in your would rock my World to hug a little Horse..
love ya's and Love all you do...