Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Sheep and Fun With Gardening

It makes me quite giddy with happiness to have green things still  growing vigorously in the unheated glass greenhouse a week into december. I was able to pick 2 good bags of kale for a couple of my csa customers, with enough left for my morning omelettes. One of my favorite ways to eat kale is to chop up a handful of it in small bits, whisk it into an egg or two, with a bit of chopped onion and mushroom, and make a cheezy omelette. Yum! And so healthy. Kale is such an amazing powerhouse of nutrients.
I started my next painting..., in a bit of a hurry to get two entries ready for a January show in Saint John, with an entry deadline of next week. Here is the under painting of watercolor on toned pastel paper. This will be a mixed media of watercolor and pastel chalks.

And here is the finished and framed results, outside mat size 16x20".


Rainsong said...

I think Russian Kale is one of the prettiest pictures in December....but your sheep have me wondering. They (all) look like a blessed holiday.

Debs...still leaning toward the kale and that is saying a lot with the beauty of the sheep

kathi dunphy said...

Thank you for visiting Debs! We must be somewhere near the same latitude (?) My husband says we here in New Brunswick are the same latitude as northern Oregon. I wonder if you have snow on your garden yet...we are getting mostly rain, winter seems to come later every year, fine with me!

Rainsong said...

Near, yes, but still a ways. I am about 50 miles North of Seattle. No snow yet. In fact high pressure is making beautiful days. Even turned the compost today, a job I usually am done with by September. Get all romantic with your rain! I see from your cows that you still dream in summer sunshine so you can handle the romance of soft rain.