Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Switching Gears

I always loved cows, their placid demeanor and thoughtful cud chewing appeal to me. At least the cows of my past, allowed to roam in sunny pastures, grazing their natural grass diet...being contented cows. The poor beasts in factory farm feedlots today..so sad.
I have painted this pair before in acrylic but I like this watercolor version better. (matted prints are available) It's been hard to stay indoors and take up the brushes again, with such a warm fall calling me outdoors. Today it's raining and the manure spreading will have to wait , so I will begin a painting of a pair of sheep.


Brittany Aukett said...

They are very beautiful cows :)

Sheila Carr said...

Kathi, you do AWESOME work!! I occasionally do Landscape oil paintings, I need to get back at it again! lol