Thursday, November 13, 2008

Charolais and hereford

Reference pic

I always loved cows. As a child I milked a lot of them, Barbara was my favorite, a beautiful Guernsey who let me ride on her bony back. She must have been so glad when Bessie the pony arrived.

Continueing my foray into acrylics, I've been working on this painting the last few days, its a sort of learn as I go process, unlike watercolor its so easy to make corrections. This one is 9"x12". I hope I can get a little faster.


Undaunted said...

How bizarre - just as I was looking at your beautiful painting I received email notification of your comment on my blog! We must have been looking at each others blogs at the same time!

What can I say? Clay is so much fun - go digging! But don't stay away from painting too long because these are beautiful!

JulenaJo said...

Beautiful, Kathi! I'm going to have to get my paints out. You've inspired me. Also, it's such a gorgeous SUNNY painting. SUMMER!

Sue Steiner said...

I love your cows! I especially love the lavendar in the white cow. Scrumptious colors!