Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goodbye Blue Moon

A sad farewell to our last foal...Blue Moon, named for his crescent moon star and his lovely blue eyes, has gone to Nova Scotia to be a Cape Bret'ner. He will be keeping company with a miniature donkey, some goats, and a flock of chickens. Now we are down to 5 minis, hard to believe we kept 17 horses a few years ago, but with the downturn in tourism, the decision to end 10 years of saddle and cart rides for summer visitors, and our aging creaky bones, this number looks a lot more manageable. We will still do rides for our small B&B and cottage guests, just not the entire world any more. So now we are down to 4 originals all aproaching 20 years old, who will likely live out their days here, and a sweet two year old filly.

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JulenaJo said...

Sad to say goodbye to such a sweet little critter. But you still have plenty to keep you busy, and Blue Moon will bring a lot of joy to her new owners, no doubt! Cute pictures.