Sunday, November 16, 2008

A great day at the beach..even in November

Looking at 4 days of rain here, we can count on free entertainment at the beach, with smashing crashing roaring waves to ooh and ahh at.
Todays tide seemed to be really high, the water was spilling over the top of the wharf and all over the parking area. I keep checking the cellar here, so far the water is staying in the drainage trench in the concrete floor , going out the pipe as it should, and flying out in a waterfall at the pond end of things.

I think in a few years, with rising sea levels they will lose the covered bridge in the village if something isnt done to raise it. The water was 4 inches below the bridge on the sea side and the bridge wall was underwater on the creek side with the bridge acting as a dam. Its a tidal creek with the water swirling in both directions at high tide.


Undaunted said...

I love the sea. I used to take a walk down to the beach even when there was snow on the ground! Sadly I live too far away now. Thanks for sharing the photo's.

JulenaJo said...

Stunning, Kathi. Hard to imagine such waves. I've not spent much time near the water, landlocked as I am here in Ohio. Thanks for sharing!

Sue Steiner said...

In Ohio here too... amazing the power of water. The waves are beautiful!